Innovative Business Solutions
Since 1986, Wizdom has been a recognized leader in providing our clients with innovative process-based business solutions for improving performance. Wizdom's integrated software, training and consulting gives you the improved enterprise-wide business process and enables you to communicate, plan and execute a unified corporate strategy. We help companies grow by aggressively pursuing new opportunities and employing the best business practices.

Software, Training, and Consulting
Our experienced
Wizards have developed software, training, and consulting solutions to help make your organization more efficient and competitive. Our Wizards will help you understand your current situation and identify areas for improvement.

Strength and Experience
Results of our efforts are so dramatic that our approach has been adopted by Fortune 500 companies ranging from aerospace, automotive, and control industry leaders as well as the U.S. Army, Air Force and Dept. of Defense!

The Team Approach
The future can only be built by those who must live it. Wizdom's objective is to transfer our tools, methods, and expertise to your team so that your business can maintain continuous improvement, from success story to success story.

Corporate Principles
Our company was founded on the following corporate principles, which our Wizards strive to follow every day:

  1. Keep our promises
  2. Treat everyone fairly
  3. Provide quality products and services

Wizdom's world headquarters is located in Naperville, Illinois, about 35 miles west of Chicago. Wizdom's headquarters is the hub of Wizdom's software development, training, and consulting. Our staff of highly experienced "Wizards" have spent years in the field, sharing technology and know-how gained in helping organizations improve the way they do business, while making them more efficient and competitive. Wizdom Headquarters is the center for the majority of Wizdom's BPR training Center, offering courses at their facilities and on location in BPR, BPR for Executives, Change Management, Activity Based Costing, IDEFO (activity modeling), IDEF1x (information modeling), MinervaTM team building and CPR (Computer-Aided Process Reengineering.) Wizdom also offers DoD BPR Certification. Training attendees consistently rank our courses as outstanding.

Wizdom Education
Wizdom Education, a Division of Wizdom Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of software and services to plan and manage Special Education programs. Wizdom Special Education products include TransPlanner!, LiveIEP!, ChildConnect! and ClassRoomLive! Wizdom products are used by many school districts. Call or email Robin Davies (robind@wizdom.com) for additional information, or visit the Wizdom Education website.

1300 Iroquois Avenue
Naperville, IL 60563
Phone (630) 357-3000
Fax (630) 357-3059


Rosemary M . Wisnosky
Chairman of the Board

Margaret A. Lawlor
Co-President /
Chief Financial Officer

Steve Kroll
Co-President /
Director of Project Development

Phil Vitkus
Director Instructional Services

John Conway
Senior Software Engineer

Hisham Abad
Resarch Scientist / Arabic Translation

Matthew A. Beaver
Management Analyst

Jeannine W. Stehlin

Marketing & Internet

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