Areas of Expertise

Wizdom Minerva Consulting Services has experience and insight into many areas of business and expertise. Here are just a few:

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Our diverse client list includes major aerospace and automotive industry leaders, healthcare organizations, large corporations, small business, and major universities. We have helped clients in many areas, including enterprise architecture, BPR, (Business Process Reengineering), logistics, healthcare services management, information technology, finance and administration.

Business Process Reengineering

Opportunities exist where organizations seek to create new capabilities or ways of doing business, implement complex technology-based programs, or improve the performance of ongoing operations. Wizdom was the first company to recognize CPR (Computer-aided Process Reengineering), a new paradigm for BPR, and has developed the only complete and integrated set of software tools for creating, editing, and analyzing business process and information models. The Wizdom approach has also been selected by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) to optimize the supply chain between Ford, GM, Chrysler, and its suppliers. This innovative approach has lead groups to select Wizdom as a partner for development of the next generation of BPR methods and tools. Wizdom methodologies such as IDEF have also been mandated by Aerospace companies, the Federal Government, NATO, and numerous consulting firms. We also offer:

BPR Training
BPR Software
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Business Engineering Solutions

Business Engineering - Solution View
For over a decade, Wizdom has maintained its position on the leading edge of change. Wizdom was the first to create a BPR software tool (1987); the first to create a standardized BPR methodology (Minerva, 1987); the first to create a software tool for cultural analysis (AssessTech, 1994); and has created a new family of forward thinking products and services for the future. Wizdom has maintained its position of leadership due to our dedication to excellence and our belief that advanced technology, when combined with human performance enhancement, is the competitive advantage. Wizdom's Minerva methodology aligns technical systems (workflow, work process) and social systems (people, culture) with an organization's strategy to improve its long term capabilities.



  Information Systems

Information Systems
A major goal for Wizdom is maximizing the use of information in this global economy. This includes assisting clients to realize benefits of quality and cost effectiveness for information delivery systems at local, regional, state, and national levels. To facilitate this objective requires a comprehensive knowledge of the standards and data exchange needed to produce an open, seamless sharing of financial, operational, administrative and educational information in a standard, electronic format. The staff at Wizdom has extensive programming, information systems consulting, applications design, and database experience.