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Program Manager
and Arabic Translation
Wizdom Systems, Inc.

A physicist by training, Dr. Abad serves as program manager and lead Arabic translator for Wizdom.

Key Wizdom projects include managing the all the tasks of a DoD Phase II SBIR. Dr. Abad also performs theoretical research on the in-plane temperature distribution of the thermal environment in Molecular Beam Epitaxy systems.

Arabic Translation
As Wizdom's lead expert on written and spoken Arabic languages, Dr. Abad is an expert in Arabic technical Information translation, business operations translation, and foreign communications translation. Key languages include Palestinian, Egyptian Syrian, Lebanese dialects, and a good working knowledge of Iraqi and Gulf states dialects. Dr. Abad can translate English to Arabic, and Arabic to English.

Dr. Abad has written over 17 papers on topics such as semiconductors, fiber optics, and molecular beam epitaxy systems.

Dr. Abad was born in the West Bank. He migrated to the US in 1974 and gained his citizenship in 1985.

Dr. Abad has taught introductory physics courses a the University of Illinois at Chicago (1996) and at the United Arab Emirates University (1995-1996.). At University of Illinois at Chicago, he worked on projects such as Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) growth of thin semiconductor multilayers. His work centered on II-VI compounds including both wide gap and narrow gap materials. He had key roles in the preparation of research proposals to funding agencies (DARPA, ARO, NRO and NSF).

Career achievement awards include National Research Council Fellowship at the Naval Research Laboratory, 1992.

Prior to Wizdom, Dr. Abad was systems engineer for Lucent Technologies, where he wrote software requirements in the following fields:

  • Interfacing requirements of the UMTS and ANSI-41 Home Location Register.
  • GMLC- the Lucent Location Service.
  • 5ESS ISDN, CENTREX, and wireline Intelligent Network services.
  • Various supplementary services and supported several customer teams in several markets.
  • Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN): ANSI-41D and IS-771.

Dr. Abad earned a B. Sc. in Physics, University of Illinois at Chicago( 1981); M. Sc. Physics, University of Illinois at Chicago (1981) and a Ph.D. Physics, University of Illinois at Chicago (1991).