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WizdomWorks! Powervul and comprehensive tools for improving your business..... Start to finish business process tools for creating, analyzing, editing and implementing process flows and data models.

Powerful and comprehensive tools for improving your business

Start-to-finish, seamless business process tools for creating, analyzing, editing and implementing process flows and data models.  

  • Improve Business
  • Reduce Cost
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Decrease Process Time
  • Elevate Quality
  • Uncover new opportunities

Choose the WizdomWorks! Solution that best meets YOUR needs and project scope!

  • WizdomWorks! Standard with ProcessWorks! for activity modeling

  • WizdomWorks! Professional with ProcessWorks! For activity modeling and DataWorks! for data modeling, plus analysis tools.

  • WizdomWorks! Enterprise with ProcessWorks! for activity modeling, DataWorks! for data modeling, analysis tools and Master Projects capability.

With WizdomWorks! You Can:

  • Map processes using IDEF0
  • Evaluate Current Architecture design
  • Perform structured analysis modeling
  • Define interoperability requirements
  • Create and evaluate required framework products

Created by the people who wrote the books on BPR and Enterprise Architecture

Wizdom has combined years of hands-on experiences in business process improvement, with our years of experience in software development to bring you WizdomWorks! – a robust business improvement solution. WizdomWorks! takes the guesswork out of the process.


WizdomWorks! has all the elements you need to make and implement your improvement goals. Each product seamlessly integrates with its companion tools; you only need to enter data one time! This saves you time and decreases your project costs.





Roadmap to Success!

  • WizdomWorks! helps you develop and map your improvement plan..and then helps you follow it.
  • WizdomWorks! helps you make crucial improvements in performance cost, quality and service.
  • WizdomWorks! helps you make more efficient and more cost-effective use of your existing resources such as personnel, equipment, work-flow and time.
  • WizdomWorks! helps you learn to redefine your business and make plans to move in a clear and positive direction.
  • WizdomWorks! helps you intuitively “map out” exactly how your business operates, so that you can get an honest assessment of your business “As-Is”
  • WizdomWorks! helps you determine where you want “To-Be.”
  • WizdomWorks! helps guide you on your road to improvement.

The WizdomWorks! Components:

ProcessWorks! for process modeling ProcessWorks! screen capture

Modeling from the AS –IS to the TO-BE is easy with WizdomWorks! Use the ProcessWorks! activity modeling tool to diagram, or map out how each activity within your business works and how it fits together with all of the other activities. ProcessWorks! then gives you an overall picture or "roadmap" of your organization.

ProcessWorks! enables you to visualize your current processes and understand business requirements. From your activity model, you can quickly and accurately depict new process reengineering solutions with "what-if” models.


DataWorks! for Data ModelingDataworks! screen capture

Identify and refine information to meet organizational goals! DataWorks! for data modeling helps you diagram, or map out where information in your organization comes from, how it is used and who uses it. This gives you an automated overall picture (or roadmap) of specific information relationships in your organization. DataWorks! is based on IDEF1X). It enables you to analyze database entities, attributes and relationships, to guide systems development and information engineering.

DataWorks! helps you design a flexible, stable, and sharable database. This will enable you to maximize data sharing, minimize data redundancy, and make a positive impact on the effectiveness and bottom line of your organization.

Master Project Capabilities
When you purchase WizdomWorks! Enterprise, you are also purchasing master project capabilities. You will have access to a web-based software solution for project management, process management, and document management that puts all of your work in one accessible location. You can plan projects, manage teams, and implement changes. Leverage the time and skills of your key people by providing them with
the ability to manage complex assignments while easily handling the unexpected.